Nearly 100% of adults
and up to 90% of school
children have cavities.*

But there is hope as cavities can be prevented.

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Top 5 tips from the ACFF on how to beat tooth decay

  • 1. Think before you snack!
    Ask yourself “Am I consuming more than 50g of sugar per day?”

  • 2. Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day

  • 3. Brush your teeth effectively to remove plaque – make sure you reach the tough spots at the back of your mouth and make sure you spend two minutes brushing each time

  • 4. Value your teeth and change the way you think about them – imagine you can see and feel the damage being done to your teeth by constant exposure to sugar. We all spend time in front of the mirror looking after our skin and hair, so why wouldn’t you look after your teeth?

  • 5. Act before it’s too late! - ask your dental team about your personal risk of tooth decay to learn about the ideal frequency of dental visits and additional measures to beat tooth decay

  • >>Download the top 5 tips